Kindle Kinks

I just want to write. But there is more to publishing than writing. Especially self-publishing.

According to Amazon:

“A .docx file is a file from Microsoft Word 2007 that is not compatible with previous versions of Word. At this time, documents in .docx format are not supported on KDP. If your content has been created in .docx format, please resave your document in .doc format and use the file to upload through KDP.”

Okay, so I have Word 2007 and they don’t have a doc option. It’s maddening. Al has 2010 and will get that loaded and try again. I’ve tried saving as a Web File with HTML but that doesn’t look so good either. Today I’ll see if saving it in Mobi will work out better. Now to install Mobi.

I sound like I know what I’m talking about and that scares me, lol. Things are moving nicely with the 20th century manuscript. But The Wild Rose Press doesn’t like docx either so I shall need to update.




  1. Cindy, I went through a huge learning curve, too, as I converted my nicely formatted InDesign version of my book back into a .doc version. I found out some favorite fonts don’t work so well. I do recommend using the previewer to see how your stuff is looking.

    I’m confident you’ll get through this and you’ll be glad you did.


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