Writing Weekend

This weekend I had three solid days of writing time. My husband was away on a golf weekend, and I didn’t need to cook or socialize. I just needed to get down to business. And boy did I ever. I just finished another revision of The Paris Notebook. It’s not ready to turn in yet–I still want to read it one more time and I have a few more scenes to fill in at the end. As usual, I rushed the ending so I could be done;-)

As for the Kindle mess, it felt good to let it go for a few days. I am not completely comfortable switching back and forth between two novel-lenght manuscripts. I know some people do it becasue they get bored with one project and start another. I know published authors have to do it because they’ll be getting edits back from the publisher when they’re working on a new book. So, it comes with the territory.

But with me, I’m more comfortable to totally immerse myself in one manuscript at a time. Ideally, I want to finish a revision all in one day, but that’s not always possible, so I do as much as I can every day until I finish or come to a place I know needs to sit for awhile. That’s what happened this morning. I need more pages, but they are not planned out yet. It’s the crucial “how they get back together” part of the story and I want it to be excellent.

Readers can be turned off by a so-so ending. I want to really ramp up the emotional content, because this is, after all, a romance. So now I know what I need to do next, and I can take a break. Plus it’s not like the Kindle project is even about writing or revision. It’s a whole other thing. The thing publishers usually take care of. So, while I wait for my final scenes to come together, it’s a good time to start being a self-published author.

Yep, I’m going back to the Kindle project. And this time I will succeed!



  1. It’s interesting to learn how you’re juggling your writing projects. For The Paris Notebook, it seems you’ve reached the point of knowing what your next-step is going to be…and then giving yourself time to think about it. Sounds like a good plan to me!


  2. Thanks Cindy. I’m stuck on the Kindle project. There’s some weirdness associated with Word 2007 and Kindle. Still working on it, though.


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