Going Kindle Crazy

Last report on Sugar Shack’s progress, I mentioned a little trouble with the cover. I checked back on the blog and saw that I’d made a cover image in 5 minutes for Paradise Fields with Picnik. Times have changed and there is no freeware that I could fine that did anything except frustrate me. Picnik charges $5 a month for the “enhanced” image tweaking tools. So I’ll try that.

And then in there I got the news about The Paris Notebook and had to take care of some stuff for that like mailing in my signed contract. I read through the contract and I have 30 days to turn in a revised Paris Notebook. I might have mentioned that the revisions are minimal at this point. There are other things to do around the book for the publisher, but they are simple tasks that don’t require a lot of time or effort.

Same thing with the Kindle upload. Lots of simple things to check off my list before I can actually get the book on the site. Well, except for the cover image. Tackling that again today.

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