An agent requested three chapters, woo hoo. Posting this as I listen to John’s Anne Lamott link–thanks for sending this fabulous link, John! I do have some memoir stuff brewing–reading Mommies Who Drink made me decide my mini-memoir posts must be funny and light instead of dark and heavy. And of course Anne Lamott is just reinforcing that idea.


  1. Thank you for sharing your great news! Three chapters sounds like a lot….[I bookmarked the interview with Anne Lamott so I can easily find it again.]


  2. I adore Anne Lamott, so I loved getting the chance to hear her in a long live interview. When, in the last part of her talk, she was asked about the ethics of writing other people’s stories, I loved her answer. It helped me figure things out, especially the question she says you have to ask yourself: “Will the person I’m writing about be okay with this?” And if the answer is No, then write it as fiction.


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