An agent requested three chapters, woo hoo. Posting this as I listen to John’s Anne Lamott link–thanks for sending this fabulous link, John! I do have some memoir stuff brewing–reading Mommies Who Drink made me decide my mini-memoir posts must be funny and light instead of dark and heavy. And of course Anne Lamott is just reinforcing that idea.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your great news! Three chapters sounds like a lot….[I bookmarked the interview with Anne Lamott so I can easily find it again.]


  2. I adore Anne Lamott, so I loved getting the chance to hear her in a long live interview. When, in the last part of her talk, she was asked about the ethics of writing other people’s stories, I loved her answer. It helped me figure things out, especially the question she says you have to ask yourself: “Will the person I’m writing about be okay with this?” And if the answer is No, then write it as fiction.


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