Will to Power

My chapbook of poetry should be happy to remain in its home on the internet but instead keeps insisting that it needs to see print. So I looked into Lulu, which seemed too expensive and technical and I sort of gave up. Until yesterday.

One of the poems in the book recently won an award. And there’s going to be a luncheon and an awards ceremony in June. And I’ll  be reading that poem in public. There’s also the opportunity to have my book at an author’s table, for sale. Sure, I can bring Your Words, Your Story. But, I thought yesterday, wouldn’t it be great to have the poem there?

Well, just that thought, and now the idea of Paradise Fields as a printed entity won’t let me go. Even though I know nothing about desktop publishing. Even though right now I am trying to be very careful with money and how I spend it. Even though this is going to be work that distracts me from the novels for a week or so. Even though I’m coming up on the last week of school and all that grading.

There are so many reasons why I should squash this little book’s will to power. But I think instead I’ll let it have it’s way.


  1. Yes to putting the poetry into a chapbook! Yes to bringing BOTH books to the luncheon and reading in June. (Where is it again? I lost the mail on that, crazy week…) And three cheers again for those awards. Your writing rocks, Cindy!

    P.S. Speaking of poetry, I have a wonderful guest blogger and poet featured as my top post this week. I think you’ll love what she has to say!


  2. Honestly if you create a new poetry book on Lulu (rather than just create a generic book and upload your specially formatted word documents/PDFs and cover art), it’s a lot easier. You pick a layout format, copy and paste your poetry into the text boxes and arrange the pages as you wish. I’m not sure if the poetry book software that Lulu have will incorporate things like ISBN or not but you could probably just create a “limited edition” version of the book in the short term so you have a product you could sell and then look towards a more long term solution if necessary/desirable.


  3. John I love how optimistic you are about my ability to navigate the waters of internet publishing. I may still try it someday. But your idea about a “limited editon” without the bother of ISBN and Library of Congress info etc is exactly in line with what I’m thinking.


  4. Cindy, It’s Saturday June 12! I hope you can make it. Martha, you know me so well. Making a little book is helping me to slow down and think about what’s really important in my life. Sharon I think you’ll like what happened after I wrote this entry…


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