Just Press Send

Did it. Finally sent the query to my number one agent pick. I worked on the middle pitch part for a long time, but was really happy with the final result. What’s funny is I only got the perfect words after I worked the query out on Word and pasted it into an email. Then, reading through the email, I revised AGAIN, making it sparkle just a little bit more, and, gathering all my courage, pressed “send.”

This agency says it replies in three weeks. So there’s time to work on a longer synopsis that will fill out my pitch. And get that wordy scene in the third chapter polished re: my critique group. I can do that. Especially since I have a long weekend due to the Easter holiday;-)

For the past two or three weeks, I’ve been reading a ton of stuff about agents. By agents. By writers who have agents. My favorite was the week-long class from Candy Havens. If you haven’t taken her (free!) courses, you should sign up. She even interviewed her own agent and we got to submit questions.

One of the pieces of advice I got from somewhere was to mail the query to my top five agents, but I only sent it to my #1. My #2 is not looking for category, so that’s another query I need to write. And my other ideal agents, well, nobody is as ideal as #1. So finally, I stopped with all the second-guessing and advice and polished my query, pasted it into an email, and just pressed send.

And now, for some unfathomable reason, I want to bite the ears off a chocolate bunny.

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  1. That’s a bold move to start the month! Good for you. You never know until you try, and once you have the answer you will know what comes next. Fingers crossed for you. Enjoy the chocolate.


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