Desire is #1

Jenna something, and ex-porn star, apparently very popular, was on Oprah the other day. I kept making disparaging comments while my husband sat in rapt attention, not something he usually does when Oprah is on. But Jenna did say one thing that resonated with me: the biggest turn-on for women is feeling that they are desired.

I rushed upstairs and wrote that down for my romance novel. “Show ways he desires her,” I wrote in big letters so I’d remember it. Because if it rang true for me, it must be true for other women.

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  1. So true, Cindy! Glad you were inspired. I think the problem for so many women today is fighting the feeling that we are not desirable, especially when compared to the images of “perfect” women in magazines, movies, etc… It is hard to compete with porn stars! 🙂


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