Pink Notebook

Writing this on my new notebook, which is PINK! Everything is new, Office ’07, Windows 7, just an entirely new game. We’ll see if I can get this to post. And if I can find my website…

Today’s words were written longhand at school between classes. This new notebook is lighter, but I didn’t have anything loaded in here yet (Still a blank slate in Office as we speak) and don’t know my way around it so I think I should just practice at home before I take my new baby out for a walk.

Since the words were written by hand, I am not sure how many there are. I will type them into my document tomorrow and if I can find the word count tool and my NaNo page, I will update. But I did write! And it SEEMED like 2000 words;-)

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  1. You are brave to buy a new laptop in the middle of all the writing you have started. We just bought a new, very simple, digital camera and I’m not looking forward to using it because the commands are on a touch screen. I don’t do well with change.


  2. I don’t like it either, but my old laptop was so slow and the USB thing didn’t work and it was more hassle than it was worth. As far as I’m concerned, it’s never a good time to get a new computer. Or phone. Or t.v. And we still have our ancient original digital camera;-)


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