Double Trouble

My second critique of the week came yesterday. These things always start the same for me. I work endlessly on the pages to be presented for comment. I think I have them perfect. I go into the meeting saying stuff to myself like “They won’t find much to critique here; it really is as good as it can be.”

Ha! They always have plenty to say about what is wrong with my pages, and some of what they suggest is so obvious I can’t believe I didn’t see it myself.  Other stuff I would never have found, but now that it’s been pointed out makes perfect sense. I came away from that meeting knowing the first scene needs more work. Which is fine. It’s okay. This is what critique groups are for, after all.

The only thing is…we decided to meet again in three weeks and for the next three weeks my top priority is not Blue Heaven but The Paris Notebook. For the first time in a long time, I have a deadline.

I’ve never worked on revising two novels at the same time. The only saving grace I can find here is that The Paris Notebook really does only needs minor tweaks. Thanks to first readers Becky and Martha I have a list of page numbers and small things to clean up. It should not be too difficult or time consuming.

Maybe it will only take a week or two. Then I can focus on what happens next in Blue Heaven, because that book is still largely unknown to me. I sort have ideas for the second chapter, but I need to make them look good on paper. Which is way easier said than done.

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  1. Critique groups are a writer’s boon, aren’t they? So many times I’ve had the same experience you did, thinking my material was pretty darned good only to get valuable suggestions for improvement from my fellow writers.

    Bob Sanchez


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