Fresh Blood

I am thinking about vampire novels.

Maybe because I just watched two entire seasons of True Blood in about a week’s time, or maybe because lots of people at the writer’s meeting  Martha and I attended Tuesday night are in the process of writing vampire stories.

At the meeting we signed on for a critique next month. Since I’m writing poetry these days and RWA is not the place for poetry, I said I’d share pages from a romantic comedy. Then later I wondered what I had been thinking, as I am not currently writing any romantic comedy.

The only romantic comedy I’ve ever written has already been critiqued. It’s totally finished. So now I need a romantic comedy. In four weeks. Or at least the start of one. Next thought, maybe I could write something new. With vampires.

Got another idea I liked better and sent the vamps packing. The idea I finally settled on goes along with the “grand master plan” I’ve been putting together in my head which entails revising all my old mss. and getting them on the internet.

(Of course the grand plan hit a snag when Samhain said no. But that’s okay. Mercury’s in retrograde. What did I expect??)

So, for the next month or two, I’m going to totally revamp (um, sorry) Remodeling Eden. Instead of moody women’s fiction I’m going to make it funny rom com. Plus I’m giving my main character a new name and new backstory but I’m keeping the setting and most of the conflict. Between classes yesterday I figured out how to do it.  

And I admit while brainstorming I thought about adding a vampire antagonist. But then I decided to keep the one I have who is actually a metaphorical vampire anyway.

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