Behind the Story

Got a query and synopsis drafted over the weekend. Also edited all posts circa 2002-2003 related to Attracting Jack into a “story behind the story” document. Fascinating reading. I made so many mistakes in originally trying to sell that manuscript, including (could this be true?) submitting to Harlequin three times (once to Temptation, once to RDI and once to HQN). They probably have me on a hit list somewhere.  

Reread the ms. yesterday and it seemed to hold up. However, also discovered in those old posts that I can be a bit delusional where my own work is concerned. Need an outside opinion or two, so will be sending it off to victims friends who offered to read this morning.

First, I’ll clean up all the little things — and get rid of a big section that was supposed to have been deleted but was inexplicably still there. That’s another thing I learned from reading old posts. After a big revision project, I really need to reread through the ms. one last time.

Not doing that with AJ the first time cost me some valuable connections, like the published author who had offered to pass the ms. on to her agent and editor if she liked it. Instead she wrote back that it needed one more revision–and a spell check.

So this morning, a spell check. Among other exciting things.

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