Busy Intersection

At the corner of career and life, where it’s been nothing but serene the past few weeks, traffic has picked up.

Mike is getting married to Jessica next weekend–July 25 to be exact. In Malibu. You know I will be there. For a week. Without a laptop. I’m leaving the computer home on purpose, as I want to enjoy family time without the lure of the internet. When I get back I will post pictures and tell stories and answer all non-spam email!

Agent loves e-book idea. We are planning big-picture career stuff. I have three romantic comedies, category length but not Harlequin material, I want to put out as e-books. She says it’s a good idea! Very forward-thinking. Plus, the mss. are just sitting here. Why not make them available?

I also have all my blogs from writing each of those rom-coms–it would be fun to gather them together as extras at the end of the books or maybe here. I got that idea from Paperback Writer, where I get so many ideas. Her workshop series in particular really got me fired up on the e-book idea. 

Then there’s that Space Opera idea. I’m not sure if I have time to write that…the deadline is August 10. Even if I can’t make that deadline, I love the idea it gave me for the fantasy stuff agent is submitting to print markets. But…the lure of a quick deadline, writing something challenging and new, and also a fast decision (they are making their picks for the anthology at the end of August) is just getting my writerly juices flowing.

So 25,000 words in 25 days. That is 1000 very doable words a day. Four pages. Of course I will be on vacation part of that time, but I’ll be packing a notebook. So! A new morning ritual to wake up to. Things have been quiet since school let out and that was fine for a few weeks, but I am so ready to write again.

There’s also my story. “Layla’s Other Life” doesn’t need much work, just a couple of minor tweaks. (Although I am intrigued by the world I have set up there and wouldn’t mind exploring it later in more detail. Maybe another book???) If all goes according to plan, I’ll post it here next Wednesday, the day before I leave for L.A.  

Other stuff is swirling around too. I’m in the midst of applying for a full time job at my college. I don’t have a PhD and I’m old, so I don’t think I have much of a shot, but I am going to give it my sincere best. The application process involves a lot of writing, most of which I’ve drafted. I just need to finish it out. That’s due end of August. I’d love to have something secure like a full time teaching gig right now–especially with Al’s job at Fiat/Chrysler so precarious.

To top it off, my datebook is crammed with yummy social and self-pampering activities for the next five days! And on day six I fly…

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