Conflict Comes Knocking

Started a new story today. Had been thinking about a character, knew where she lived and what her job was but didn’t have a plot or a conflict or a time period outside the immediate setting. So I decided to go ahead and start my story without knowing any of that stuff.

The only little push I got was from seeing a blurb for a Short Short competiton at Writer’s Digest. It’s not that I’ll enter my story, but more just got me thinking that I should be able to write something brief. And it will be a nice summer project with no pressure while I wait to see what is happening with Gypsy

With Gypsy and Traveling Girl I feel pressure. My main question, after “When will my agent get back to me?” (I have sent her a couple of unanswered emails in the last few weeks.) is “Will Gypsy be published as is, or will I need to combine both books for a major revision?”

With “Fortune Teller” there’s no pressure at all. But after sitting down today and starting it, I do have a conflict. I didn’t try to think of anything, it just happened. I was going to start with a description. I knew I would end up cutting it, but I hoped a character sketch would lead me into a story. And it did. After the first sentence, conflict came knocking on the door. Literally.


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