The Clapping Class

Last session of the creative writing class this morning. What a nice group of students! (And you know I don’t always say that.) Every class has it’s own identity and one of the features of this one was that they were super supportive of their fellow writers. Every time someone finished reading a poem or story to the group, spontaneous applause broke out. And Kim even brought donuts one day.  

Today, they all applauded me, which made my heart melt because it doesn’t happen very often. I mean, I get lots of good evaluations, but not too much with the clapping. So that made this morning sweet as being back online. (Finally!)


  1. lol Maureen. I took a very light approach to rejection, considering the massive amount of rejection letters I’ve received in my day, but I did mention it as a likely thing and told them not to take it personally but to learn from it.


  2. Cindy, you deserved every bit of that applause and more! As I said this morning, I am a computer programming major but this was by far the best class I’ve had. Your book has earned a permanent place on my bookshelf and I hope that we keep in contact. You were wonderful. Thank you for all of your support during this *cram-packed* semester… 🙂


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