Another notebook finished! And I got through all the emotional fun stuff in the story too. Time to focus again on the murder mystery part of things, which I already have outlined, so it should be no problem.

Well, except the semester is ending and I am soooo busy reading papers and manuscripts and adding up grades. 

Wish I was still a poet, but that’s another ending, one that happened a long time ago. When I indulge in regrets, that’s one that comes up now and then, that I didn’t just stay a poet. I might be good by now, you never know! Plus Poetry magazine got that $100 million bequest a couple of years ago…and they are looking to publish unknown poets. “We actually favor new writers,” editor Christian Wiman says. “We love to publish people who have published very little or sometimes nothing at all.”

Hmmm. I did write that poem last week…


  1. I know the feeling myself — I also indulge in regrets for not writing years back or going to film school in California. But with poetry, it can happen anytime.


  2. I haven’t journaled or written fiction in notebooks in ages but my daughter gave me two notebooks (one is bound) plus new pens for mother’s day. I am rediscovering the joy.


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