My Biggest Challenge

Finally wrote more than the required three pages today. 7 to be exact. So yay. I’m rolling again.

In the book in her head, Laura Rider wants to examine love in all its stages. But Laura is a married woman who hasn’t felt new love in a good long while. She finds it hard to remember what it was like. I was having a little Laura experience of my own here with this section of the WIP.

My character is young and mad crazy in love. I OTOH have been married forever and am happily cozily in love. I needed to remember the mad crazy feeling and it took me awhile to get there. Today it finally started to happen and now I know where to go from here.

The one big thing I learned/remembered was that I have to be honest. Just because my character is not an adult yet doesn’t mean I have to write her like I’m her mom. I have to write her like I’m HER. And 16 year olds in love are adult in physical ways. Their parents might not like it, in fact they probably won’t, but it’s still a biological fact. So once I got out of the “mom” head and into the “16” frame of mind, I saw what I had to do and all of the sudden all kinds of new conflict flared.

I still have some fun scenes to write through this sequence, but I’m ready for the conflict when it comes again. And knowing me, I probably unconsciously knew that the conflict would be there, which is another reason why the fun young love scenes were kind of dragging out of me at first. As a writer that’s still my biggest challenge: to face the conflict instead of hiding from it.


  1. I started doing the Morning Pages again this morning. It is quite remarkable to know you’ve written (in my case) over a thousand words before your ‘real’ writing has even started. I am trying to remind myself that I am constantly writing… that in that regard I am prolific and that I shouldn’t feel so much resistance and reluctant to sit down with my thoughts and put pen to paper or fingers to keys. I’m hoping in the long term it will help reduce the need for procrastination.


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