So was the mega worm just an April fool? Watched the news March 31 before bed and then was afraid to go on the computer yesterday. Then the virus fizzled after all. So was it a joke? Good one. What is not a joke is how sore my hands are from writing so much yesterday. Did all my classwork in longhand as well as the pages for the WIP. Wrote probably 25 pages in all. Maybe more. Am extra grateful for word processing today.

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  1. To be honest even if there wasn’t a worm you probably did yourself a favour by not using the computer yesterday… the various website April Fools “gags” were particularly groan-worthy. lol


  2. “…in longhand…25 pages…??”

    I wouldn’t have to worry just about writer’s cramp, I wouldn’t be able to walk.



  3. These days I hold a pen and begin to write a few lines, when I realize how heavy my hand had gotten from not using a pen in a long time.


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