Out of Order

It’s Friday!! No more work for four whole days!! It’s been a bit of a rough week. Kids today do not know the meaning of manners and I hate putting on my discipline hat. I like to live in the fairy world where everyone is in class because they are longing for my wisdom.

Anyway, funny I say work is over when I have a review to write this weekend. I just don’t think of writing as work. What has saved me from overdosing on anxiety this perilous week is doing my pages every morning. Writing is my security blanket.

All through act 1 I kept pretty much to the chronology of the story, layering the three pov’s as events unfolded. It felt easy and natural to switch pov as the plot progressed. This act, I’m thinking of doing it differently. I started on my main character’s arc for this act and I feel like I want to finish it, or at least continue it past the chapter I just completed. If I do that I will get the time sequence all out of order, so that the other characters are doing stuff I need to show that I’m not writing in yet.

I remember from a million years ago one of my teachers saying that it’s fine to write out of order and then shuffle the pages to fit the structure when you finish. So I think I’m going to do that. I might even set up the draft that way, with the three stories in their own folders. Because I know myself and I won’t stick to any tidy kind of plan. I’ll get an idea for another character and leave this first one off before I finish with her arc. But that’s okay. I’ll get where I need to go in the end.


  1. Cindy, I love the way you said that you don’t think of writing as “work.” So many writers out here are just plain burned out, thanks in part to the extra-Herculean effort we have to put forth to market our stuff in a print journalism crisis. Your attitude is refreshing and inspiring.


  2. Off topic, I confess….

    “…print journalism crisis…”

    Now there is a lengthy discussion or even series all by itself; why? what does it mean? where and what is the future of print journalism?



  3. You are looking at the future of print journalism: writers on the web often working for free. No advertising=no paycheck. Even websites with advertising all over them often don’t pay freelancers who contribute to the site.

    With the explosion of the web, lots of creative people decided they wanted to write, take photographs, and make videos. And being paid is not a big priority. Just getting their message out is enough.

    I heard an interesting idea yesterday. If local papers go out of business, crime goes up. Especially white collar crime. Apparently, newspapers help keep people in local politics and businesses honest. Makes scary sense.


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