Progression of Events

Got the book outlined and act 1 finished. And started act 2. The first scene in act 2 is really really bad. But it will get me where I’m going and you can’t fix a blank page. Act 1, which I read through over the weekend, is decent, altough I have three pov characters and only two of them feel real to me. The guy seems weird and his motivation feels messy and I don’t know why my character should love him. Also he is not mean enough, but if he’s too macho she really shouldn’t love him. And sadly, she does. So I’ll have to fix that character somehow, but the other stuff seems to all work well. And I like all the plotting ideas for act 2. I just wish I could write a scene I’m happy with. I think I will go back and revise that really horribly written scene tomorrow.


  1. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just to write something, anything, and move on. You can always make it look pretty later, as you already pointed out. If it really bugs me, I bracket it so I know to clean it up or fix something later and then try to move on. Depending on what it is, it might or might not survive the editing, but sometimes you have to spill some ink before you can write a good story.


  2. I love the image of spilling some ink. And you’re right. I had to write the bad scene before I could make it good. This time, I got to keep the scene. For now. 😉


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