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Now that the BBC assignment is mostly complete, am ready to get back into the novel. Almost. First the essay, which I typed up this morning. Still a rough draft. Needs work. Meanwhile, am anxious to begin first drafting again on Traveling Girl.

Revison is a little less fun to me with this essay. The easiest revising I do is for my book reviews. Those are 250-300 words and can be revised in less than an hour. This essay is 1800 words and will take several hours.

The longer a piece is, the more work that needs to go into fixing it. Plus the reviews have a familiar structure, and this essay’s structure is yet to be determined. Although I know how I want to start it and end it. It’s just the middle that’s messy right now. And maybe the logic, sentence structure and word choices. That’s all;-)

Happy with some of it, though. Happily surprised to see it’s got some humor, as the subject is not one people usually associate with laughs. Must be my practice over at 50-Something. Been good for that comic touch.

Decided this a.m. that every morning starting today I will either begin the day revising the essay or drafting the WIP. The only way to accomplish anything is just to dive in and do it.

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