Poets & Screenwriters!

Yesterday was a wonderfully indulgent day of resting and replenishing after a really busy Tuesday. One of the best things to happen on Tuesday, besides the inauguration and our party, was meeting my new creative writing class. A great group, a little over 20 people, mostly poets (that’s a first!) and songwriters with a smattering of short story writers and screenwriters. I think one woman said she likes to write memoir and one guy admitted he’s not a writer but my class looked easy;-)

So, as usual, a nice mix of different interests. We should have fun listening to all the poetry. It feels like it’s going to be a really good semester. Can’t wait to really get started. And by that I mean can’t wait to see what everyone is writing.  

As for what I’m writing, probably wrote ten pages this morning, but nothing I can use on the novel, not even a love note. I just need to dive back into it, and being with a group of young writers every Tuesday night for the next 15 weeks is sure to inspire me.


  1. I seem to meet mainly poets in my writing groups. I think some people with writing ambitions think that poetry is easier because it is shorter, but I find poetry to be more difficult because you have fewer words to get the feelings and story right.


  2. I think a lot of young people start with poetry because it is akin to music–song lyrics. At least that’s why I wrote poetry when I was young. And it’s compressed emotion, also a handy thing. I had plenty of emotion but didn’t have an attention span long enough to sustain a novel when I first started to write. What I learned is that to write poetry well is more difficult. I totally agree with you there.


  3. The same discussion I had once with my English teacher in college — I stated to him my thought on poetry that it was the outcome of some sort of magical or above ordinary qualities in a poet, you know like Jim Morrison (The Doors). And my teacher told me poetry is easier than writing stories. I did not quite see that at the time, but now I do. We all experience meaning, a connection with this world, and that is when the words are pushing to come out. I like how you put it — “compressed emotions.”


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