Every Picture Tells a Story

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  1. Aww man! I am so sorry I couldn’t be there last night, Cindy! But i was celebrating here at home. I got all weepy during the swearing-in, but I wasn’t sure if it was because Obama was coming in or Bush was going out. It’s gonna be great fun to have those kids in the White House, isn’t it?

    I’m with you–I do think Obama is a person of integrity. I’m going to disagree with him a lot of the time, but at least I know he’s intelligent, responsive, honest, and really wants to serve. He’s not a freaking sociopath, and he IS more than competent–two big changes right there.

    Meanwhile, the wingnuts are totally losing it … haha, now they know just a tiny bit of how we felt these last long 8 years!


  2. Yay for America! What a wonderful day yesterday, wasn’t it? Looks like your party was a success … wish I could have been there, but I was thinking of you while I partied back here in Royal Oak! Can’t wait to hear how the interviews went for BBC.


  3. The BBC called after the first dance with Beyonce singing! By then I had left my station at the computer and was enjoying the party, but a guest alerted me. I dashed in and accepted the call. Then all we heard was a man with a British accent saying “Cindy? Hello? We aren’t hearing you.” I could hear them, which means the problem was on their end. We tried to connect for several minutes to no avail and finally lost the connection. Maybe because I got a little flustered and started clicking every button on Skype. So that part of the party was less than successful. Everything else went very well!


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