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Today, America ushers in a new age. I don’t know about you, but to me this seems like the most exciting beginning ever. And I’ve een pulling the lever in the voting booth for a really long time.

Barack Obama is only the third president I voted for who actually won. The first president I voted for was Jimmy Carter. I still love him. It was sad that he didn’t allow wine at the White House, but he was the first President I remember who tried to get us to conserve energy by dialing down our thermostats and wearing sweaters in winter. A visionary, even then. And now he builds houses for homeless people!  

I’ve endured an actor as President who started the trickle down economics and deregulation that led to unfettered greed, not to mention our current financial crisis. Then there was the war-monger, and after a all-too-brief respite, his son, who took Clinton’s balanced budget (Bill is the second guy I voted for) and gave everyone a check, and also tried to finish the war his dad started. Now we’re trillions in debt.

Obama’s got a hard row to hoe. But he’s committed and sharply intelligent and I have great faith that he and his advisors will get the job done. The right way. 

If it’s true that we can read people, see into the core of them, beneath all the scial stuff, what I read in Obama is utter and complete goodness, and a determination to make this country better than he found it.

We’re in a mess, no doubt about it. And so many politicians would take advantage of that. So many would use methods that weren’t exactly morally correct to get a little something extra, a million or two, for themselves and their pals. Not Obama. He will do what is best for all of us, not just the rich, not just his cronies. He doesn’t even have cronies! He’s a guy with friends and advisors and I think he knows the difference between them.

Which is why he’s appointed Hillary Clinton, his bitter primary opponent, as Secretary of State. Because he has no enemies, he holds no grudges, and he wants the right people in place to do the best job they can to make us once again a country that will be given respect in the world’s eyes.

He’s filling his cabinet with diverse figures, giving people of color and women their chances to shine. He sees beyond color, beyond gender. He gets it. We’re all in this together. We are a nation that is bleeding and he’s about to apply the necessary skills to bring us back to health, and he asks us to start by helping one another.

Dare I hope that the color of his skin signifies a racial healing in this country as well? I do, and even more, I know it. By electing this man who takes the highest office in the land this day, my country has declared loud and clear that the age of color discrimination and blatant racial hatred is over.

I see all good things from this election. If anyone can stop our country from crumbling from within, it is Obama. He has energy and the youth on his side, and he’s gonna need them both. Also have you noticed how calm he is? He’s like an enlightened master. He does not fluster. He simply gathers intel and gets down to work.

He’s not afraid of hard work. He’s been working relentlessly behind the scenes from the day he won the election. Now it’s time for him to take his rightful place in the White House. Welcome home, Mr. President. And may all the forces of good be with you, and with this beloved country you now lead.


  1. I wasn’t old enough to vote for Carter, but I stuffed envelopes at the Dem headquarters in my hometown for him.

    My first personal president was Clinton – who let me down a bit on the personal level but who was, I still think, a very good president.

    I would have preferred Hillary, but I did vote for Obama. Somehow the fact that he was not my first choice makes this feel impersonal to me. I simply helped hire someone who appears to be capable and genuinely nice. Fingers crossed.


  2. I was a Hillary supporter, too. After Obama won the primary, I started to pay more attention to him, and am very happy with everything I’ve learned. But really only time will tell…


  3. This country and the rest of the world has suffered the last eight years in the hands (or under the rule) of the Bush’s, the only family in America who seems to have increased its income. Like you, I see good in Obama; I voted for him, but I do not know if or how quickly he can move a big ship. But I also see good in this country, so I am hopefully.


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