An Abundance of Posts

Here’s my latest 50-Something post.

And I finally got around to collecting most of my 50-Something entries to archive here. I am not sure if I got them all, and they are not in the right order, but they’re home. I couldn’t figure out any other way to import them except to group them all below. So, while they were published over the last couple of months, they were all posted today.


  1. I hadn’t thought about archiving my posts on my home blog. I need to though. Another blog I contributed to closed suddenly and I lost all my content. Still kicking myself about that.


  2. Ah the changes of the post-50 body. What I notice most is softness. Softer belly, yes. But also a softer view of life. A softening towards myself and
    sky high expectations. Maybe it’s this winter’s ever-present snow rounding all the sharp corners of my surroundings. Or maybe it’s just that, having passed the half century mark, I realize that softness has a place in life, too. I never achieved those sculpted abs anyway. Would they have made such a difference in my life? Hard surfaces are less accepting — of experiences, of others, of one’s self. So here’s to a bit of softness in life — whether in body, mood, or applesauce.


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