Foot Work

Yesterday I took myself out of my head, and out of my home office, where I usually write quite happily. I drove over to campus, where I usually teach, and interviewed some students. This was a weird intersection of my two worlds, sort of like if I invited students home to dinner.

Interviewing in person, with equipment other than a computer, is not difficult. I had a few questions in mind. Well, actually, I had them written down, and I referred to them often. But I let myself go off the page if something a student said sparked an idea.

It was more fun than I thought it would be, at least at first.

I was surprised how many people didn’t want to go on record with their opinions, but then thinking it over, lots of people are shy about cameras and recorders and talking to strangers about politics.

Still, I managed to snag several interviews, and the young people I spoke to were all smart and articulate. I didn’t stop trying until my camera started running out of juice. 

I’m not writing a story for this part of the project. It’s going to be something a little different. I think it will run within the next week, sometime before the inauguration. 

The most surprising thing to me through this whole adventure is that Interviewing other people, talking to them about the issues of the day, inspires me to write. And that’s always a good thing.

0 Comments on “Foot Work

  1. It sounds like fun. I got a tiny digital camcorder for xmas and want to figure out a way to incorporate vidcasts on my blog by spring. New is good.


  2. Hi Cynthia:
    I sympathize with your frustration about people who will not go on the record. This happens to me as a reporter sometimes and it is annoying.
    I took your writing class last year and would like to know if you are aware of any good writing groups in the area.
    Thank you


  3. Annie, I can’t wait to see what you’ll do! And Nicole, hi!! There’s a group that meets at the Shelby library on Van Dyke and 23 Mile. I think they meet on Wednesday nights and they are open to new people. A few of my former students have attended. You should try it!


  4. I so admire you’re willingness to jump in and go for something new and different. You’re an inspiration, Cindy! Speaking of new things, I will tell you later in the week about something new and good that’s starting up in my life too — just got some good news Friday… a small phoenix is rising from the ashes!
    Also enjoyed the details on the BBC project!


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