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I’ve learned all the electronics for my BBC projects. It was fine, a bit easier than I thought. Yesterday, I did a practice Skype hook up with a BBC studio in London. I had already practiced with Mike and Al, so I knew what to do. The guy who did the test is named Rodney (isn’t that a veddy British name?) and he had that dry English humor. This is a radio and web thing I am doing, but my webcam needs to be on for my voice mic to work. (I think.) So when my picture popped up on Skype, Rodney said “I see your picture, which is great for radio.” That gave me a chuckle for the rest of the day, every time I thought of it.

After Rodney did the hook up, I talked to Nina, who works with citizen journalists to write stories. We made a firm date and place to meet face-to-face when she comes to Detroit and she gave me a few tips on recording interviews to make them as good as possible, technically and content-wise. Keep it short, was the best piece of practical advice. We talked about the stories. I’m not sure I’ve said here what they are, but to refresh, the subjects are the auto company meltdown and the inauguration.

I’m working on both stories at the same time, which is fine, but it makes me so glad I’m not back to work yet, as it would be really hard to juggle two stories with new media (well, new to me) and then get two classes up and running as well. I could do it, but I’d be zooming around like a madwoman, which is not a mode I function happily within these days. Now, in my 20s, I’d have loved it. As is, I like taking things a little slower these days. Not so frantic. I can still do frantic, but it’s not my first choice. Anyway.   

After I talked to Nina, I recorded my first interview. I did it with Al, since he was right here, and he’s in the thick of the auto thing, having worked for Chrysler for 35 years. It turned out really good the second time. The first time, I had not hit the record thingy twice, so we did the whole interview and then we had to do the whole thing again. It really turned out better the second time. When I played it back, I thought we sounded good, natural and smart. Well, he sounded smarter than me, but that’s okay. He’s the expert.

Then this morning I wrote the blog to accompany the interview, and later today I will send it all to Nina to see what she thinks. She will be doing the editing. Whew. That “sending” has more to it than the word sounds like, but Al says it’s easy. And so far it has been very easy to do this technical stuff. Mostly because Mike and Al are doing the set up and then showing me what button to push. They don’t even use manuals! 

Meanwhile, I synched my new iPod (it’s pink!!) and played with ringtones on my new cell phone. That’s about as tech savvy as I get. I didn’t mean to get a new iPod or a new phone just now, due to worry over electronic overload, except then my phone died on New Year’s Day and it’s my only phone. So I had to have a new one. And then sweet Al bought me the iPod for Christmas. My old one was the first Nano and it was overloaded with songs. I wanted to put more stuff on there for a long time and couldn’t. So Al knew that and made it happen. How lucky am I?

The only little problem is that my email is not working right now and I really need it, for work and fun. Al is helping me figure that out right now since it is too early to call Mike in California. And now my computer is making funny noises so I really should post this.

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