All My Projects

Made a list this morning of everything I want to do today. It took an entire page, but I didn’t count it as one of my three Morning Pages. I did those, too. Then I wrote a draft for 50-Something. The draft came directly out of my freewrite, which is one of the reasons I find Morning Pages so vital, especially when I’m not working on a novel.

About the novel. Well, not much to say. I’m putting it aside while I work on getting a few stories onto the BBC. I can’t do both and teach. So I choose the BBC. For now. The minute Mary Louise calls with a contract offer, I will be right back on track with the novel writing. Maybe before. But for now, this BBC project feels like a nice change of pace. And I am learning new skills! Love learning. Always have.

My recording equipment arrived from London and of course I have already read through the manual. It looks fairly straightforward. I sort of wanted to frame the BBC letterhead with the handwritten note, but I didn’t. I will probably post it on my bulletin board, though;-)

Tomorrow, I have to deliver my books to the bookstore. Al asked me how many I’ve sold and I really don’t know. I think about 150, but when I drag out a box from the closet tomorrow, I will go through them and get a real count. I also have two events in March that have book sales attached, so I hope to maybe sell another 150 this year. Which seems impossible, but it is not. I did it last year with very little time spent on marketing. I could do a lot more, I know. Marketing is not my thing.

I am one of those introverted writers who just wants to stay in her comfort zone. That’s why I do so little marketing and why the BBC thing is a big step out for me. Because I have to actually interview people. And not from my computer, which is where I do my website interviews. Heck, I even did my feature interviews for print magazines from the computer. But, as I pushed myself to move out of the comfort zone last year to support my book, this year I will push myself again for the BBC opportunity. It is a good thing to be a bit more in the world.

So does that cover it? Novel, book, blogging, BBC. All my projects, at least until I get another review book from PW, which I am expecting this coming week.


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