As The Notebook Fills

I have a confession to make. After ten years clean, I have gone back to a bad, bad addiction. Yes, As The World Turns is once again my daily fix. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but sometime this summer (I knew I should have taught a summer session!) I tuned in. And was instantly hooked, in love with all my old favorite characters (Jack! Carly! Emily!) and really digging some new Oakdale folks. (Janet! Casey!) Actually, Casey was a kid last time I watched but he is all grown up now and I love the way he has such a big heart but just screws up left and right and much of the time also naked, or at least shirtless. Janet cracks me up. And seeing all my old faves, well, older, that’s fun, too.

It’s my tidy little story outlet and it harms no living thing. Same goes for my notebook, which I started writing three pages in on the day I stopped working on Traveling Girl. My notebook keeps me sane. I’m writing everything in there including the annual Christmas trip up north (total disaster, but it gave me a great idea for TG).

My only rule is that I write every day and I write three pages. It’s freeing and fun. Sort of like slipping back into the soap opera thing. Soon enough I will have to get down to serious work. Teaching begins again in a few weeks, and before that I need to plot out my courses. (Still time to register for Creative Writing!! I’m teaching Tuesday nights at Center Campus.) I have a health and fitness regime to fine-tune, and now that my new gym area is almost complete (For Christmas, Al bought me a new PINK!!! iPod so I can put all my inspirational CDs on there as well as music. My old Nano only had 2GB and it was crammed with songs.) I am gearing up to take my workouts to the next level. Also getting rid of sugar. This time for good. Talk about addiction…

The BBC thing is moving along; I’ll be meeting my contact in January. We spoke on the phone last week and I felt like we really clicked! She’s coming into Detroit after the inauguration to talk more about what I’ll be doing for them. Meanwhile, I will be practicing new skills, including learning to shoot video and doing interviews with a recorder thingy. Very technical term, I know.

I don’t think I ever mentioned how they found me. They read this. So that gives you an idea of what I’ll be working on for them. One of the things anyway. I feel sort of like Emily with her Intruder job. Tune in tomorrow for more scoops.


  1. I like the Chrysler Christmas. I, too, like to see wealth getting accumulated in the bank 🙂 ; it just gives me peace of mind that if I fall, I have some cushioning underneath me.

    I see Escalade’s, Yukon’s, Navigator’s, Excursion’s on the road at six in the morning with only the driver in them, and I wonder — do people really need to go to work in big SUVs? I don’t recall seeing a Hummer with more than one or maybe two passengers.


  2. Cindy — it sounds like your BBC assignment is perking along, and I look forward to hearing more about it! (I’ve been totally wrapped up in family/social week here, with Nate home until the 3rd.) As you know, my TV addiction/obsession remains the “Gilmore Girls” on ABC Family … I still enjoy revisiting Stars Hollow while I make dinner or take a break from the day’s work. Have a wonderful New Year, Cindy, and let me know how it goes with the BBC project!


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