August in Revisionland

Was going to write about the pain and horror of choosing a non-specific singular gender pronoun, but I’ll spare you. Important for the textbook, yet tedious.

Or I could confess how sort of ran out of steam on the Sugar Shack sequel, realizing if I incorporate the new stuff into the SS ms. it will make it a much bigger, better, stronger book. The very first grown-up sized novel I’ve ever written. And Mary Louise agrees.

Embellishments is a better title than Sugar Shack, too–it also sounds more mature. Mary Louise tells me that August is a slow time in publishing and not to worry, just write. And I am so psyched for the revisions, even the textbook with its pesky little questions of pronouns and standard chapter headings and which cover (I have two favorites) to use.

Which reminds me. Heard from the director of the community writing program at the college, and leaving my Tuesday night class out of the brochure was an oversight, but one I’m grateful for. It gives me more time to finesse the online course and finish my revisions without rushing anything.

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